Triple Swirled Perfection

11/02/2012 04:07:00 pm

Stila One Step Corrector
"Swirl your way to perfect skin in one step! This innovative, triple-swirled helix serum instantly color-corrects, brightens and covers skin imperfections for a flawless face with no fuss."
This Stila product recently caught my eye whilst browsing online for skin illuminating products. The peculiar formation of swirled colours within the tube makes it look very unique compared to any other correctors I have seen in the past.
I decided to read further into the purpose of the coloured swirls and ended up purchasing a bottle!

This Stila bottle contains a skin tone correcting, brightning serum which diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pores, hydrates, balances and minimizes oil.

Each colour performs its own unique task when placed onto the skin;
  • Green- Minimizes Redness
  • Lavender- Counteracts sallow undertones
  • Peach- Brightens, Illuminates and helps diminish the appearance of sun spot.
The corrector comes in a pump activated bottle which dispenses an equal amount of all three colours which come out feeling very silky and unbelievebly light when placed on the skin.
The beauty of this product is that it is so light that in can be used all over the face or just on particular problem areas such as blemishes or under the eyes to give them a lift.

This product can be used on its own or used underneath your usual foundation as a base coat/illuminator. You only need to apply a small amount and can see the difference immeidately.

The One Step Corrector comes in a 30ml bottle and retails in the UK for around £24, I found mine on BeautyBay http://www.beautybay.com/ who sell a great range of Stila and other branded products for a marked down price.

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