3''' More Inches

3''' More Inches by Michael Van Clarke

7/23/2013 08:46:00 pm

Ever since visiting the Van Clarke Salon, I have been using Michael's fabulous 3''' More Inches range.
A range which boasts about containing zero silicone, which has a long term damaging effect on the hair and promises healthier, stronger locks.

The structure of our hair is very complex, 97% of each strand consists of a protein named Keratin, the other 3% is water. Keeping this balance is essential for the preservation of healthy hair.
You will find that almost every hair product currently on the market contains silicone, a material which wraps itself around each strand of hair, suffocating it and therefore causing the water content to become imbalanced and resulting in breakages from the end of the hair shaft and therefore not allowing hair to grow to its full potential (half an inch per month).

Michael's range is made up of naturally derived cashmere proteins, these proteins help to condition and repair broken bonds and therefore prevent further breakages.
Having dedicated myself to using only the 3''' More Inches range on my hair for over a month now, I can honestly say the condition of my hair since my last cut has been preserved almost perfectly. My hair looks and feels amazing. 
The bottle of shampoo and conditioner I was given were 250ml each and have only just run out, you only need the smallest amount of the shampoo for an overall coverage of the hair and scalp and a small amount of conditioner to apply to the hair from half way down to the root. The Pre-Wash Treatment comes in a 500ml bottle. I still have about a quarter of this left and that is after soaking my hair from root to tip around 2 times a week!

My hair has been looking at its best after leaving the Pre-Wash Treatment in overnight then washing out in the morning. For up to 3 days my hair would look and feel sensational! 
The 3''' More Inches range is constantly expanding, the 3 key products in the range are the Pre-wash treatment, shampoo and conditioner 
All of which can be bought in a fabulous set from the 3''' More Inches website.
Another product from the range which I would highly recommend is the Thickening Blow Dry Spray. My hair never seems to lift from the root, after a few hours it will go limp and lose all style. This blow dry spray gives it that extra boost after use during a blow dry and helps prolong a style.
Similar to any product that promises hair growth, 3'''More Inches is not a miracle growth formula, however what is does promise is that it will condition your hair to its full potential and therefore promote growth. I can put my hands up and promise that this product has done exactly the above to my hair. My hair is in the best condition now, than I can ever remember.

I will never go back to using any other shampoo and conditioner products after using this 3''' More Inches Range. It really is the best hair care range out there. I recommend everyone try the whole range for themselves.

Visit the 3''' More Inches site to find out more about the products and purchase online.

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  1. Defo gonna get me some of this Amy! Your hair is looking amazing!!! :)

    Caisie xx